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Cornwall weather ( Penzance )Cornwall weather ( Penzance )
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Cornwall Celtic nations Cornish Mining
Hayle - Harvey's Foundry
Cornwall carouselCornwall carousel
Cornwall slideshowCornwall slideshow
Helston - Old Hill
Helston - Old Hill
Helston - Sithney Old Hill
Helston - River Cober
Helston - Torleven Road
The County of Cornwall occupies the peninsula at the far south-west of England.
Recognised as one of the Celtic nations, the Cornish language was spoken in the community until the late 18th century. Agriculture, fishing and tourism are the main industries.

Historically a major part of the Cornish economy involved the mining of copper and tin. As the industry declined in the later nineteenth century thousands emigrated to the Americas, Australia and South Africa where their expertise in hard-rock mining was much in demand. Their descendants live on, proud of their Cornish ancestry.

My great-grandfather, John Williams, a stonemason (or maybe a miner) went to South Africa with his new wife in 1880.
My great-aunt Jane was born in Pietermaritzburg. She returned with her mother - John stayed
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Lizard - Lifeboat Station, Polpeor Cove
Gillan Creek
Grade - Church of St Grada & Holy Cross
Landewednack - Church of St Wynwallow
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Helston - Mellangoose
Helston - Gipsy Lane

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Germoe - Balwest Methodist Church
Kynance Cove
Gweek - Vintage tractors
Lizard - Lifeboat Station, Church Cove
Great Work Mine
Gunwalloe - Church of St Winwaloe